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WHERE are we?

We're as close as the nearest computer with an internet connection -- at http://www.everythingteddybear.com (that's where you are right now) AND if you live in or near Indianapolis, Indiana, or if you're every traveling through the area, we're just an hour's drive north-east on US 69 in Muncie, Indiana. REMEMBER - walk ins are by appointment only -- please call ahead before making a special trip. That's 765 287-1844.     Note: All our Teddy Bears are proud to share their home town with Garfield (after all, he likes teddies too).

Our Mailing address, phone and email are:

ALSO CHECK EBAY where we frequently list specials -- it's and easy EBay id to search for -- Ebay member = everything_teddy_bear.

You'll find "Everthing Teddy Bear" packed with anything and everything Teddy Bear. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to get you whatever your Teddy loving heart desires (Yes, we offer a search and shop service. Just describe the bear you're hunting and we'll join the huntin' party!)

The following pages present our current offerings. To find a specific brand, designer, etc. check the alpha index. But, the most fun is in the hunt . . . just click through the pages that follow.

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