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WHEN we're open!

Because we're on the net, we're open 24 7. Now don't read too much into that. It doesn't mean you can put in an order at 3 am and we'll start pulling your merchandise and packing it at 3:01 after your payment authorization is completed. Truth is, you can hunt through our catalog pages anytime for as long as you want. But, when you place an order it's going to be sometime around 1 p.m. Eastern (Standard or Daylight Savings) Time the next day when we start working on it. Whenever possible, your order will be on its way (with an email notice to you - if you gave us your email) within 24 hours from the time you hit 'enter'!! If we hit a snag, we'll contact you and let you know what's happening.

When you visit us, you'll find that "Everthing Teddy Bear" is packed with anything and everything Teddy Bear. And, if we don't have it, we'll do our best to get you whatever your Teddy loving heart desires.

The following pages present our current offerings. To find a specific brand, designer, etc. check the alpha index. But, the most fun is in the hunt . . . just click through the pages that follow.

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