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HOW to order merchandise!

It's easy. Just click the "Add To Cart" button beside any teddy bear or teddy bear merchandise displayed in our catalog. From that page, or any other page in the catalog, click on the shopping cart at the top of the page to see the teddy bear(s) you've selected, purchase your teddy bear(s), or modify your order.

Anytime you're at your shopping cart page you can return to the catalog page where you were. Then you can go to the catalog's alphabetic index to search for more items. When you're ready to check out, just click the shopping cart at the top of the page.

Sales tax will be calculated for all purchases for addresses in the state of Indiana. Shipping is already clearly stated for each item in the catalog.

NOTE: Overseas shipments (including Canada, Alaska and Hawaii) are sometimes expensive. There will usually be a supplimental bill sent on any order for shipment outside the lower 48. You can use the Special Order Form in this catalog to place your order and thus receive one PayPal invoice for your order including full cost of shipment based on the method you select.

HOW to pay online!

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers (just like an online check) via a PayPal account. It's easy to set up if you don't have one. OR you can pay with any major credit card through PayPal without the need to set up an account. These payments are handled securely, and hassle-free. And, this also guarantees that your order will not be delayed for a check to clear.

Why do we recommend and use PayPal? Because, using PayPal insures your financial privacy. When you pay via PayPal, your credit card and/or bank numbers are never sent to the merchant/supplier. Your financial information stays secure. Plus, if you do set up a PayPal account, you're protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

HOW to pay in person!

If you've scheduled an appointment at the brick and mortar store, be aware that we do accept cash and local checks. And, we'll also accept credit and debit card payment IF you have an email address and can wait to pick up your order after you pay the e-bill we'll send you. (Doing it this way we don't have to pay extra monthly and transaction fees just to provide instore card processing.)

This service is available. But, to be billed properly for an order you plan to drop by and pick up, PLEASE drop by and give us your order ahead of time OR use the Special Order Form in this catalog!!

Everything Teddy Bear's return policy:

100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions on any returns - - only purchase price refunded. (Buyer pays for intial shipping, handling and return in all cases.) Return must be made within 14 days of receipt and be as received (our packaging - no repacked items qualify). Please be sure to open, verify satisfaction and (if there's a problem) email on receipt to start the 14 day countdown. With no email, countdown starts on the shipping date.

Got everything?? If not, check the catalog pages for all our current offerings. To find a specific brand, designer, etc. use the Alpha Index. And, you can alway click on the shopping cart to see your current order.

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