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Victorian Teddy

The first Collectible Teddy Bear
produced for Avon Products, Inc.
with the "Avon Fine Collectibles" label

Year: 1995

Limited Edition - #004777

construction: stuffed light brown wooly plush
with black stitched mouth, nose and glass eyes
wearing maroon hat decorated with lace and flowers, velvet maroon jacket
trimmed with white lace and rikrak over a green and white striped taffeta dress
with cotton and lace bloomers, leatherette boots and carrying a nylon umbrella

size: 13 inches standing

price: $30
condition: Very Fine with signed/numbered certificate and metal display stand
in Very Fine original box

packing/delivery: $5 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
tell a collector about this First Avon Teddy Bear!

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