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Holiday "Cup of Sweetness" Set

made by: ENESCO
Cherished Teddies® line
(see below)
Designer: Priscilla Hillman

issued: 1997, retired 2000

price: $35 (display plus 3 cup/saucer sets)
Mint in original boxes (no papers - none issued with display)

Packing/delivery: $5 flat rate

Individaul Items Listed in Detail Below


Mug/Plate Display Rack: CRT335

construction: wood with resin ribbon/sign;
has wall mounts on left and right of back top

size: 10 inches high, 2 3/4 inches deep and 12 1/4 inches wide


Joann: 269840
"Cup Ful Of Love"

year mark = 7

construction: hand painted resin;
pink cup and saucer; bear facing diplay right

size: saucer - 3 1/4 inches, cup/bear 2 1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high


Jordan: 269832
"Cup Ful Of Joy"

year mark = 7

construction: hand painted resin;
tan cup and saucer; bear facing diplay front

size: saucer - 3 1/4 inches, cup/bear 2 1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high


Jean: 269859
"Cup Ful Of Peace"

year mark = 7

construction: hand painted resin;
lt. green cup and saucer; bear facing diplay left

size: saucer - 3 1/4 inches, cup/bear 2 1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high


Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
pass the word about this unique Cherished Teddies Holiday set!

ENESCO's Cherished Teddies® collection, based on the illustrations of artist Priscilla Hillman and her son Glenn, are among the most collected teddy bear figurines ever made. These charming teddies first appeared in retail stores nationwide during 1992 when ENESCO releases sixteen figurines. They have been a hit ever since. As well as figurines the collection also includes holiday ornaments and a wide variety of decorative accessories including photo frames, trinket boxes, music boxes and waterballs.

Since their introduction Cherished Teddies® have been bringing joy to the hearts of collectors, gift givers, and lucky recipients. Today Priscilla and Glenn's sweet little bears are still one of the top teddie bear collectible lines around the globe. They are sold in more than 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Australia.

When Cherished Teddies® artist, Priscilla Hillman was a child, she and her twin sister Greta, spent long, happy hours drawing and painting. From these memories came Priscilla's inspirations for the Cherished Teddies collection. Initially, in 1990, Hillman sent 36 original oil paintings of her teddy bears to Enesco, which saw the potential for a collectible line and transformed her drawings into three-dimensional figurines. In 1999, Hillman’s son, Glenn, joined her in designing many of the new Cherished Teddies® figurines. His first series was called Teddies in Motion. By now there are over 2,000 items in ENESCO's Cherished Teddies® line. The Hillmans’ images have also inspired designs for Cherished Teddies® plush bears, infant bedding, blankets and accessories, wall borders and apparel, among other licensed products.

After the collection’s first retirements in 1995, Enesco has retired a selection of figurines each year, enhancing that figurine’s value and collectibility. Once a figurine is retired, the mold is broken and it will never be produced again, increasing its collector value.

Cherished Teddies® offered by Everything Teddy Bear are from estate sales, gift shop closeouts and one owner collections. Every effort is made to be accurate in our catalog descriptions, including condition of the item, its box, any paperwork and the packing material. We report all problems we can see/smell/feel, but can not quarantee any item's former life.

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