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Harding G. Bearinton

made by: Boyds
(see below)

from The Mohair Bear Collection; a 20th Anniversary Bear

Limited edition from 1999 only

construction: 5 jointed mohair
with large pale blue bow

size: 10" standing

price: $15
condition: near mint with excellent hang tag

packing/delivery: $5 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
report to others about finding mohair bear, Harding G. Bearington!

Although in business since 1979, the Lowenthal's first Teddy Bear design was a 5 jointed 100% Merino Wool creation in 1984. 'Matthew', named for their son, marked the birth of Boyds Bears. So if the family name is Lowenthal where'd Boyds come from? It's the town where they first started selling antiques -- and then bears. Even though they're now in Gettsburg, PA the name has remained. After all, who messes with success? Boyds Bears have their own collectors' club, their own 'Worlds Most Humongous Teddy Bear Store' and awards too numerous to mention.

Boyds Bears come in all sizes from 4 to 40 inches and in and endless variety of styles. Some basic groupings do exist, but with lots of blurryness. Most Archive bears are 5 jointed poly-filled while most J.B. Bean bears are stuffed with pellets. But there are exceptions and also special series, like Himalayan Dancing Bears or Bubba Bears or classic Mohair Bears. Regardless of type, series, family, etc., because they are hand-made there are differences. That makes each Boyds unique. The folks at Boyds also have fun naming their creations. Who can't smile looking at Holden Punkinbeary (yep, he's a bear holding a pumpkin).

'Everything Teddy Bear' aquires the Boyds Bears you find in our catalog from estate sales, toy-doll-bear auctions, collector sales and store closing sales. For example we bought a closed California gift store's teddy bear stock that had been packed away for over 7 years. And yes, we found some treasures along with some 'goes in the next garage sale' bears. We verify clothing, bows, tags, etc. and note any exceptions in our listings.

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