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made by: RUSS
(see below)
(from the Bear From The Past collection)

construction: stuffed plush
dressed in a floral print dress with attached overappron and matching hair bow

size: 13" long

price: $15
near MINT condition
with original hang tag (some age wear)

packing/delivery: $5.00 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
report to a fellow collector about finding RUSS's fair lady Mulberry!


Originally a toy sales representative, Russ Berrie began designing his own products in 1963. The Russ Berrie Company, now headquartered in New Jersey, produces a wide array of plush toys. Their signature line is RUSS, but they also release under RUSS Baby and Applause*. In the late 80's they held the license for production of the most popular bear "Snuggle", a product promotion bear that soon had a life of his own.

Finding teddies would sell, RUSS introduced their 'Bears from the Past' offering some of the most appealing and unique 'ol' time' designs. Most of the ol' time bear are stuffed, floppy and lovable. But there are a few exceptions where 'Bears from the Past' are articulated with arm, leg and head joints.

In 1999 RUSS launched their 'Vintage Edition' line of collectible bears. This offering featured limited editions of finely crafted dressed bears using one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics and hand embroidery. Each teddy bear comes with a grosgrain 'Vintage Edition' ribbon fastened to its paw by a copper button and a parchment Certificate of Authenticity. Withing the 'Vintage Edition' bears is a unique 'Limited Edition Mohair Collection'.

*Applause started in the late 70's as a divison of Knickerbocker Toys. It was a private (LLC) operation when it merged with Dakin in 1995. Suffering heavy financial losses, Dakin sold the Applause name to the Russ Berrie Company in 2004. Regardless of corporate relationships, Applause has a long history of producing popular licensed and non-licensed plush as well as novelty-style gift items.

There are many different RUSS and Applause bears included in the variety of bears at 'Everything Teddy Bear'. We aquired the stock of a former gift shop that allows us to feature many 'Bears from the Past'.

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