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Miss Independence

made by: Bearington Collection
(see below)

year: 2006

construction: 5 jointed, plush

size: 10 inches, standing

price: $10

Packing/delivery: $2.50 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
tell a friend about Miss Independence.

Bearington Collection was founded in 1997 in Marietta, Georgia. Itís a family owned and operated (privately held) business. Bearingtonís slogan is, "It MUST be a Bearington!" As a relative newcomer to the collectible plush industry, Bearington Collection has made quite an impression on plush collectors. In just a few short years they has received numerous TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) Publicís Choice Awards, TOBY Industry Choice Awards, Golden Teddy nominations and have been selected Collectible of the Year in Canada.

In the Bearington Collection, one finds a design is far more than just a bear wearing a cute outfit. They each have their own distinct personality and story. These charming bears live inside the fictional town, Bearingtonville, where they each create their own teddy bear Ďtails.í For instance, Ima Spinster lives with her cats in a hip district in the downtown area called Central Paw. Donald and his duck man the lighthouse at Riverfront Port.

Bearington Collection teddies can be spotted by their green and cream oval ear tag, which indicates each itemís name. Of the many Bearington Collection bears that currently reside at 'Everything Teddy Bear' most are new unsold store stock. The few second-hand charmers have been aquired from collectors and estate sales. Almost all of these are bears that were displayed and passed our 'used but not abused' review.

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