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Miss Aerobics USA

made by: Vermont Teddy Bear Company
(see below)

construction: 5 jointed, plush
with headband, body suit, arm band, gym bag and jump rope

size: 16" standing, 11" sitting

price: $50

Packing/delivery: $5.00 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
tell someone about Miss Aerobics USA!

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is one of the largest producers of teddy bears and the largest seller of teddy bears by mail order and Internet. The company handcrafts each of its teddy bears and produces almost 500,000 teddy bears each year. They have been making teddy bears since 1981, when John Sortino, from Burlington, Vermont, was playing with his son Graham. Surprised to see foreign tags on his son's teddy bears, he became interested in returning the teddy to the country were it had started. John sold teddy bears, made by his wife, in an open-air market in Burlington. A tourist wanting a bear mailed to her home. That simple request triggered the development of what became The Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

The 'new' concept was called the "Bear-Gram". The Vermont Teddy Bear Company Bear-Gram includes a bear selected and dressed to suit special occasions such as the birth of a new baby or an anniversary or a birthday or to offer best wishes to someone who might be in the hospital. This customized bear can be further personalized with artwork or embroidery, and it comes with a personalized greeting card, a free candy treat, and is packaged in a colorful gift box, complete with air hole so that the Vermont-made Teddy Bear can breathe on his journey via Federal Express to its new owner.

Almost all The Vermont Teddy Bear Company products are old-fashioned, jointed teddy bears, 11 to 36 inches tall. They're available in multiple colors and nearly 200 different outfits such as ballet tutus, wedding gowns, tuxes, and sports uniforms. Beside the "Bear-Gram" the company sells direct from their on line store. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company also services corporate accounts with customized Vermont-made as well as imported bears for the corporate affinity and wholesale markets. The B2B, or "Bears-to-Business" program is the Company’s fastest growing segment.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is unique in that they stand behind their products -- forever! Yes, they do. Every VTBC Teddy Bear we offer comes with it's 'Lifetime Guarantee'. It's a ready to use in any emergency Vermont Teddy Bear Company's Teddy Bear Hospital Admission Form. They don't care what's happened -- just send your bear and the Hospital Admission form back to them and they'll either fix your bear or replace it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if more companies were that proud of their workmanship and willing to stand behind what they produce?

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