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made by: Annette Funicello Collectible Bear Company
(see below)
design by Barbara King

Series: Scrapbook Collection

construction: 5 jointed, plush
Wears a colorful lei and has a spare bathing suit in her beach bag.

size: 13 1/2" standing

Very Limited Edition #334 of 5,000

price: $60
Mint condition with all tags, Certificate of Authenticity and excelent box.

packing/delivery: $7.50 flat rate

Teddy J. Bear wants you to know that you can
tell a fellow bear collector where to find Hawaiiannette!


Annette Funicello, known as "America's Sweetheart" since her days as a Disney Mouseketeer, launched the Annette Funicello Collectible Bear Co. in 1992. In Annette's words, "I wanted to share with people all over the world the comfort and love a Teddy Bear brings." Sadly, the company has closed it doors. Thus, there will be no more.

All Annette Funicello bears were issued in series of "collections," which are now retired. During her collectible bear company's operation, Annette partnered with some of the world's most talented teddy bear artists to create fantastic and exclusive charmers. Each and every teddy bear wears Annette' signature logo pin (she designed it herself). That pin was Annette's way of assuring high quality to those who purchased her treasured teddy bears.

Some of the Annette Funicello Collectible Bear Company bears offered in our catalog are original supplier/retailer stock and come with their original box, hangtag, ear pin, sewn in label and certificate of authenticity. Those bears that have been aquired in the secondary market from private collections are inspected by Theodore J. Bear to ensure they continue to meet the quality standards initially established by Annette. These bears may be missing the original box or other items -- which will be clearly noted in their catalog listing.

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